August 04, 2013

Goo Hara's Ant Waist Secret

In Korea, There's this thing called 'ant waist' certainly you already heard this when you're a kpop fan. One of the people who earned this title 'ant waist' is Goo Hara who has been idolized for having a very tiny waist by many koreans and as well me!

Take a look.

Anyone would envy this waist , who wouldnt? I hope i could resist the temptation to eat salty and fatty foods  and and and exercise to achieve an ant waist!

Anyhow, I already cme across this article of how she got to have this kind of waist before but it's very rude not to share this so here it is all credits to (original article here)

The secret behind Goo Hara’s ‘ant waist’ was revealed.

In KBS 2TV “Entertainment Relay” aired today, KARA’s Goo Hara revealed the secret behind her skinny waist.

KARA while filming for a photo shoot was visited. The reporter asked KARA members how they maintain their body.

Nicole said, “I do a lot of motions of stretching and pilates throughout the day.”

Goo Hara said, “I do a lot of exercises that build my back muscles,” which was also a stretching movement that builds hips.

So that's it. I'm planning to try this for the whole month and let's see if im going to have that waist though I dont expect that much since her body frame is really small and it's in their genetics and she said she really has a 'baby body' but hoping that I could flat my stomach.

Goodluck to me :)

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  1. i envy her waist too! i was flabbergasted when i saw photos of her like this before on facebook and i thought it was just photoshopped, it's quite scary to have a waist like that though. i think that she doesn't have a secret to some exercise on her waist, it's a god-given waist!


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