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Hi Folks!

I admit i'm a VERY secretive person but it doesnt mean i wont hang out with all of you anymore. ^.~ You can check me here at these following sites.... I may not be online all the time but you can drop me a message so I can check it.

                                                            Twitter| Bloglovin| HelloCotton|

For PR Companies,

I do accept paid advertisements, product reviews, sponsorships and such things that both parties will benefit for good with my own condition ( I'm sorry for being demanding but I hope you will understand since my name and my skin are at stake when doing these things ).
Advertisements can be paid in any form ( money, products and etc ) in exchange for a banner both to my tab & sidebar.

Product Reviews
I'm open for any product reviews of any brands and products but the company/individual should compensate the fees when the product left an undesirable damages. Documentations & receipts will be given for references.

             - For giveaways, the company should handle the shipping fee  but if you dont trust me with any monetary issues you can always opt for a coupon or gift certificates so the winner can contact you regarding the prize and by this you can save for internaational shipping fees.

If you have agreed to my conditions you can email me at and we can talk about our own conditions. Thank you

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