March 02, 2013

Review: Watsons Hair Treatment Wax (Henna Extract)


I used to dye my hair brown ( light & dark ) back when I was still in highschool . And I always lay aside a few bucks to buy OTC hair treatments intended for color treated hair like this Watsons Hair Treatment Wax (Henna Extract). Usually, I dont buy things without consulting the net first for GOOD reviews but whenever malls offer promos & sales, I couldnt help but purchase and spend as long as I have enough money on my pocket (and of course, extra money for transportation fee or I would end up walking lol).

Watsons Extra Shine Treatment Wax in Henna Extract

Watsons Henna Treatment Wax is formulated with henna extract. It deeply nourishes your hair whilst locking in colour and helps prevent fading. Enriched with ginseng extract, it leaves your hair healthier and more manageable

Sorry for the scratchy tub it's my dog's fault ;DD

You can commonly get this stuff at every Watsons branches or even inside the department store where i bought this hair treatment. I dont know if they still have this one available though cosidering  it was early 2012 when i bought this hehe. ( and yeah they were offering buy 1 take 1 for P249 the time i purchased this)

They are also available in:

-Henna Extract ( extra shine; The one that i got because it thought this henna will make my hair 
                             longer :))
-Honey  (repairing)
-Yoghurt (smoothening)
-Avocado Extract (conditioning)
-Beer (voluminizing)


I love how they choose this packaging over other tubes out there. Its really easy how can you scoop that wax inside,Speak of PACKAGING WISE!

closer look

This comes with a light violet color and kinda metallic(maybe due to its consistency). It smells like floral and doesnt bother you just plain floral scent. The consistency isnt 'gelly' or 'liquidy' but i think the best term for this is creamy-wax.. Please forgive me for being idiot or ignorant, it's my first time to see this kind of product and its quite fun to play this with, I dont know the exact term lol ^__^

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After shampoo,towel dry hair & remove excess water. Massage a generous amount onto hair for 10 mns. ( I put mine for 20 mns long :D) then rinse. Use this as a substitute for conditioners.


Feel free to skip this part, it's very long depending n the ingredient list :)

BLACK- Good/Okay/Safe
VIOLET- Bad/Can cause irritation to some people especially those with history of skin diseases.
RED- Avoid/Has been linked/proven to cause irritations, cancer and other diseases.

1.) Aqua- or called water
2.) Cetyl Alcohol-  thickening agent, can smoothen and soften hair, good, makes hair oily when overused

3.) Cocamide DEA- foaming agent, a fatty acid purely made from coconut;safe

4.) Cetrimonium chloride- conditioning agent, has softening effects for hair;safe as long as it doesnt contact the open wound (if ever) n your hair.

5.) Glycerin- moisturizer,safe

6.) Parfum- fragrant can cause irritation

7.) Propylene Glycol-  researches claim that this ingredient can lead to many complications.

8.) Magnesium nitrate- hair conditioning;safe

9.) Sorbitol- humectant(substance added to another substance to keep it moist),considered safe

10.) Lawsonia Inermis(Henna)- boosts hair growth

11.) Panax Ginseng Root Extract- soothes inflamed skin
12.) Phenoxyethanol- fragrant and a preservative. This ingredient is created from benzene also known as carcinogen (produces cancer)

13.) Methylchloroisothiazolinone- preservative, contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, included in the most potent ingredient but with proper dosage claims safe

14.) Magnesium chloride -flavoring agent,safe

15.) Methylisothiazolinone- preservative, a research shows that this ingredient has been likely caused nerve damage though it has not been proven to be safe we better avoid this one.

16.) Parabens

 Ethyl,Methyl,Prophyl,Isobutyl,Butylparabens-are preservatives, most scientists claim that parabens are really safe because they are use in small amounts but the fact that they are preservatives and 5 types of preservatives are present in this product make me think twice.

17.) Butylphenyl methylpropional- fragrance additive;can cause allergies. So avoid!

18.) Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde- fragrant;people with eczema should avoid this.

19.) Hexyl cinnamal- fragrant ingredient; can cause irritation to some people

10.) Linalol- fragrant=causes irritation

11.) C1 77019(Mica)-pigmented mineral;safe

12.) C1 779891 (titanium dioxide)- a research claim that it can cause risk in respiratory but small doses are safe.

13.) C1 14700 (red 4)- red color; approved for food use.

14.) C1 17200 (red 33)-red color



-The scent isnt disturbing at all
- Packaging wise
- Makes my hair 'atleast manageable' & less frizzy
- Unique texture and very fun to play with

- I dont like the consistency of this product when applied to hair. I think they should use the creamy one since 'creamy type' is well distributed in the hair
- No 'extra shine' effect
- The ingredients freak me out


I already finished the whole tub. Ive been using it 3x a week and leaving it for lke 15-20 mns.
I dont know if ts just me but i didnt see any shine n my hair ( My hair is light brown maybe that's why its not that showy after all) . Unlike my everyday/alternate conditioner, this one makes my hair manageable where it just settle down and makes the end less frizzy. However, its not that impressive enough to " WOW" me out. By the end of the day, it will be back to my old hair again. Lastly, the ingredients are really scarry! Some ingredients are regulated on the amount that they(manufacturer) should put and we never know that those toxic ingredients are present to other products. So you better avoid!


I dont think so?  I might try their other variants though.

Orenjji note: My search on how to have a salon treated hair is still going on.... haaaaay!

 So how do you find my first review post? Drop a comment, drop a comment, drop a comment pls?
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :D


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