August 13, 2013

Do It Yourself: Nail Polish

Hello Dears,

It will be my first time to show you a  Do It Yourself  post  here in my blog. Of course, It's going to be something easy  and doesn't need to roam around the whole city to find the ingredients ;)

So let's start,

I've been seeing a lot of people with LOOOOOTS of make up, multiple palettes & plenty of foundations on Youtube mostly owned by beauty bloggers & gurus. At first I was like......

                                    ARE YOU GOING TO PUT THAT ALL ON YOUR FACE?

Make ups usually expire for 5 months/6 months/8 months/ A year or for 2 years and I dont know if they could consume those for atleast 5 months. Throwing them out is a bad idea for me . It's so hard for me to do that though I only paid off for $4-6 for each and im telling yoy that is much for a student! I got 2 quad eyeshadow palette and I only used it for like 4 times. Yes 4x! since i dont go out much and everytime I put make up on my face i feel like im 'itching' so I invest more of to skin care products than make ups except for BB creams :))) and so what I do is to reuse them! but I didnt take the risk to apply them on my face since it's expired already. What  I did?


-Clear nail polish
-Expired foundation/eyeshadows/blush or something you dont want to use that can be smash up.


1. Prepare a clear nail polish ( If it's new you might want to get a little out of it so it wont come out when you pour the powder)

2. Powderized the foundation/eyeshadow or blush.

3. Make a cone out of a paper make sure it has a small hole at the end of it and put it in the mouth of the nail polish.

4. Pour the powderized eyeshadow/foundation or whatever you want to put it  into the cone.

5. Use the stick to stir

6. And the hardest part...... shake it off! You're going to sweat a lot  because of this.

That's all. You can experiment what colors do you want. I always set aside a nude colors from foundations and 2 bright colors ( blue and yellow) and sometimes pink :) Happy DIY!


  1. I never knew this! This is great! I'm trying this one out!

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    1. Sure! Let me see it when ur done ^^


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