March 12, 2013

Park Bom's Diet

Park Bom


 Hello Gorgeous~! and say hello to our  gorgeous guest~!

Summer is fast approaching and that means..........dieting~! yay or nay?

After stressful months of working and going to school and work, we need to unwind and relax by going to the beach which is the usual go-to spot during summer but you are not there just to enjoy watching the kids running along the shoreline and make sand castles (kid much?), So why not flaunt your body with your too-hot-to handle swimsuit? Are sagging fats the problem? Then go for a diet~! Show the sun who's hotter~!!!!

Who wants to be like her? If YES then read more below ^___^

                                                               PARK BOM'S DIET I

What to eat?

  Add lettuce as your side dish or snack and drink 2 liters of water associated with proper exercise

What's good in this diet?

Lettuce contains a large amount of lactucarium and can help improve those who have symptoms of depression, headache and insomnia. It is very suitable for those who are struggling to keep to their dieting plans. Lettuce also has a large amount of fibre which helps in bowel movement, although it wouldn’t be of much help if one doesn’t take in sufficient water or exercise. article here

(Take note: Anne Hathaway also did a lettuce diet but refused to give details because to her it's called 'starving' and not dieting and so discouraging everyone to try this xD)


                                                             PARK BOM'S DIET II

What to eat?

Park Bom eats a total of five meals a day – three main meals and two snacking meals. Trainer Hwang created the two snacking meals to allow Bom to enjoy her two favorite foods – corn and nuts.

                                                         Party hard after? Let's start now dieting!



  1. Interesting! I know there are so many diets but most i can do cause you need to eat a lot of fish and i am allergic :(
    Thanks for the post!
    x Sakura

  2. Oh~~ too bad you're allergic :( Mine? I always force myself not to eat fish because i freakin` hate the bones HAHAHA. Thanks for the comment :))

  3. I wish I could do Bommie's lettuce diet haha but I can't starve myself since I have gastric lol but didn't know many blackjack bloggers out there so hi! Lol love your blog <3

  4. @Misa Lee: Haha. This is an extreme diet it's really hard to do this and hey take good care of your health ok? God bless~!


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