Welcome to my random blog! ^___^

Hi  ladies  and gentlemen? .
I'm Oranjji ( like saying the word 'orange-G') now saaaay that name again 1...2...3..Good! Keep it up! and of course, that's not my real name but I would like to stick with that username in the cyberworld ;))
Im from Philippines with love mwaaaaaaaah! and im pure Filipina  proud to be!
My blog isn't like other blog out there because im a noob webmistress xD.  Ill be blogging about anything random hmm... like books,music,gadgets,movies,lifestyle (Asian dramas! >__<),fashion and of course make up and cosmetics! my buddies~! Hoping we have the same interests though mwah!

Im done with introducing my blog so maybe its time for the author to shine? yeeeeah!
Im Oranjji and again not my real name. Im a Filipina and the name 'Oranjji' sounds and spells like Japanese or Korean but no--- because my parents arent fan with those so they wouldnt name me like that  they just dont care and me im exactly the opposite I like/love Korean,Japanese & Taiwanese stuff.

So much for that,
If I would describe myself, I have a jet black hair very black hair just like asians ;) but I keep on dyeing it brown why? because there is a big board over my head that says im-fierce-dont-you-mess-up-with-me-RAAAAWR! and brown color tones it down HAHA. Anyway my height is between 5"-5"2 feet im small but dont you dare i becme taller when i wear heels! Im not chubby or thin just you know average ;))

My classmates's first impressions to me were 'mature' (Oh really???) and 'maldita looking 'but when they knw me very well they used to say 'You're crazy!' haha. lols when you saw me id be probably shy at first but when im comfortable with you you'll likely say that you brought a crazy shit ;))
 In terms of 'maldita looking' i just dont got the look but i also got the attitude im good........ to no one. Just kidding. Im good if you're good to me if not im still be good. In your dreams! BWAHAHA.

Anyway, I think the introduction is really looooooooooong so i better cut this out now. I hope you could follow and read my every post ;) and if possible you please comment to my post lah? I dont mind if its negative just dont  try to be rude that wont hurt you. Thank you very much comments are highly appreciated! Mwaaaaaaaah

"Everyting negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise."

                                                                                      -Kobe Bryant


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