April 26, 2013

Homemade Beauty Recipe #2: Strawberry Mask

Here I am again for another home made beauty recipe!

These days i've been struggling from an all out pimple attack i guess it's almost a month since these pimples appeared. They were still tiny bumps at first but day by day it grw big almost covering my hairline.I thought they will be just gone after a week but nope! they are really reckless that they leaved scars on my forehead! and since they were there for like a month, I think they should pay me big time~! Bwahahahaha.

I tried using lemon for 2 weeks but i runned out of it so for like days i stop using them and they just pop out of nowhere so I tried another home made beauty recipe yesterday which is this 'Strawberry mask' I guess this is better than the lemon. Lemon makes my ala sting :( just imagine putting this on your face almost everyday.

So what's with this 'Strawberry mask'? Strawberry contains salicylic acid and probably you heard this stuff before. It's one of the main ingredients to most OTC anti-acne or pimple treatment. Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells perhaps it is a natural exfoliant and by this it eliminates the dead skin cells and shrinks the pores.


2-3 Strawberries

Honey/Plain yogurt

How to make a Strawberry mask:

Step 1: Smashed the strawberry using a fork.
Step 2: Pour enough amount of honey/yogurt into the bowl with the strawberry
Step 3: Apply it to your face excluding the eye and mouth area. 10-20 mns.
Step 4: Wash it with warm water

You can also slice  the strawberry in half then rub the inside to your face or maybe extract the strawberry and use it as a toner.


The next morning after I tried applying it at night on my face. My face softens and my pimples shrink. Omg~! I hope it will fully heal my pimples *crosses fingers* and I also hope that I can apply it again tonight because i might end up dipping it in whip cream xD

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