May 05, 2013

Blog Hop: 25 Random Facts About Me

Hello Guys!

Today's post isnt about any cosmetic related but just some random facts about the blogger ;) So im going to bombard you with uninteresting facts lol.

Thanks @dawndugong for this blog hop. You can tag yourself too dears :)

25 Random Facts About Me

1. In real life i'm an anti-social but not the criminal type it's just meeting other people drains my energy lol but really im never social to strangers even they are my friend's friends.

2. I always watch what I eat like how many proteins im eating, calories im burning and what foods to avoid but pizzas and french fries are inevitable.

3. I was watching a ghost movie  and almost end up throwing the remote at the TV when this monster appeared in the screen because i was startled! Good thing i didnt! or else i need to face the real horror of my life >_< ASDFGHJKRTYUI....

4. I wanted to be a dermatologist but didnt pursue it. Goodness! a pre-med course is even hard how much more attending a med school? and PLUS it's very expensive we can't afford that! but I really would like to be a doctor if the opportunity will come like getting high grades during college and getting a scholarship,  i would really accept it no matter how hard it is.

5. I can't last a day without taking multivitamins or you will most likely see me sleeping in the library or groaning because of tiredness.

6. I always believe that crying in front of people is showing weakness so I dont cry when people are around.

7. I dont really eat sweet stuff but show me chocolates from ferrero rocher and im going to gulp them straight. lol.

8. The reason im into Kpop is the way they do their make ups, skincare and even fashion! therefore im not really into their songs & dances but 2ne1 is an excemption :)))))) and also Lee Hayi!

9. I dont like when Taylor Swift sings her songs EVER. It's like they are really meant to someone :p but I like her song 'better than revenge'

10. I loooooooooooooove Meg Cabot stories! I didnt get tired re-reading them all. You should read the mediator series or the 1-800-where-r-you series!

11. I like sneakers more than heels.

12. I dont know how to swim and i think I have phobia when swimming even i wear floating devices but I really would like to learn :)

13. I dont like watching tv with someone NEVER EVER PERIOD.

14. I prefer reading books rather than watching movies.

15. Im a girl with big dreams but I dont do anything to reach it lmao. HAHAHA.

16. The first kpop dance that I tried copying is 'Mister' by KARA and I know how to butt dance. ;)))) (Only the chorus the part where they keep mentioning mister ) haha. trying hard!

17. Sometimes when I apply (any) powder i feel like im itching.

18. I always save money but in the end mom will just steal it :((

19. Im the type of person who gives up easily but I do read inspirational stories to bring back the FLAAAME lol like when im tired of doing my daily skincare routine i keep looking at my Kpop idol's flawless and milk-like face.

20. I dont speak by my mind because they are so loud and evil I dont wnt to get into trouble  by doing that,

21. I like to have Jennifer Lawrence/ Masami Nagasawa's shoulder and Tiffany Jung/ Park Bom's legs

22. Whenever i watch romance movies i always laugh or gross at their cheesy lines and any 'kilig' moments.

23. When I was a child and until now, I want to live and support myself and be independent.

24. I hate physical and outdoor activities.

25. I always admit to myself that im pretty but when someone ask me if i ever thought of myself as 'pretty' i say 'NO' or 'YES' with a joke in the end.

That's the 25 random facts about me. That took me an hour and a half to think keke~ You can also tag yourself. Enjoy!!

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