April 30, 2013

Park Bom Waist & Honey Thighs Work out~!

Hello Guiseeeeeee,

Ok hold! Maybe you know that i'm a 2NE1 fan since most of my 'what are they wearing' post are 2NE1 (some are GG) but hey they are my fashion inspiration if I can wear their fashion as my everyday look I will! but i will look like a weirdooo :( I already accepted that fact. Anyway, this is no what are they wearing post it's an exercise! Ok, so watch this out it's hwangsabu the trainer of 2NE1~!!

Park Bom's Waist & Thighs Work Out

Park Bom's Honey Thighs Work Out

 Sorry-! There's no english subs :( I just keep on watching it. You can also toogle it to full screen since I dont now how to make it big oh my such a noob T_T. Watch also Hwangsabu other workouts click here

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