March 05, 2013

What are they wearing: Sandara Park for Elle Korea

Sandara Park

2ne1 members are dominating the magazine industry! Park Bom for Allure, CL for Harper's Bazaar, Minzy for Marie Claire and.......... Sandara Park for Elle! How you love that~?

 Each of the members potrays different style through different magazines. Everyone expressed their love towards the 4 members and Sandara Park got the most attention~! So, im gonna show you what she wore during the photoshoot.

from Gucci " White washed silk flounce"$2450

                                                       from Chanel Cruise 2012/2013

and LASTLY............

                                                             from: Tasaki Opulence $67,500

ORENJJI NOTES:  Hope you like this post :) I know you hate the prices HAHA.



  1. omg. the ring is so expensive! she looks a bit matured here but still pretty ^-^ thanks for sharing!

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    1. ikr? haha. she is sooooo pretty.

      Oh ya, I already joined your giveaway. Thanks :*

  2. Replies
    1. So true and she's already 28 and looks so young.*envious*

  3. Oh sweetie really cute pictures. you have a cute blog and now I´m following you i hope your follow me back.


    1. Wow thanks sakuranko~! Glad you like it :) Now, following you.


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