March 04, 2013

Ha Ji Won's Anti-Aging Secret

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Hi laaadieeeeeeeees~!

As I was browsing the Soompi daily kpop news, I saw this very interesting tip  on how to take care of one's skin especially if you are in the stage of aging and this tip cme from....... .. Ha Ji Won~!

The reporter asked the Secret Garden actress how come her skin hasnt changed for years & how she takes care of it.

“It must be the cold shower. Ever since I was young, I developed the habit of showering with cold water. Even if it is below freezing temperature outside, I always have cold showers.” she explained

see the article here

I guess I will be taking more cold shower from now on though im still that young to suffer aging. It's better to do this habit  early and do less hot showers T__T (Buh-bye~!)

So let's discuss how does taking cold showers affect skin.

Taking a bath with cold water is very beneficial to our health. It provides better blood circulation, increases energy, ( take a very 'icy cold' shower :) it will help the heart to rush blood and causes the lethargy to shaked off leaving you energized )  weight loss, ( since the body will act to produce heat) and boost immune system,

When you shower with warm water, it opens up your pores. Then you wash and this cleans up your pores. That’s all good. When you end, it would be best to close your pores and cold water does just that. It’s good to close your pores after you are all cleaned up because it will prevent the pores from being easily clogged by dirt and oil, which causes skin imperfections such as acne for example. Another benefit is that cold water makes your blood vessels constrict which reduces swelling and the appearance of dark circles under your eyes (where skin is at its thinnest). This provides you with a young, healthy glow. (article here)

The exact same damage that occurs to your skin in a hot shower also happens to your hair. Hot water dries out your hair stripping it of it’s natural healthy oils
Cold water will keep your hair looking healthier and shinier. As a matter of fact, cool air makes your hair shinier too (that’s why there is a cool air button on your hair dryer). Cold water does keeps your hair cuticles closed which makes the hair stronger and prevents dirt from easily accumulating within your scalp. Basically, the same principle with how it closes the pores of your skin as mentioned above. Stronger hair, of course, prevents hair from being easily pulled out when you are combing, and it helps in slowing down overall hair loss.
Cold showers are one of the great antiaging secrets for keeping your skin tight, elastic, vibrant, and radiant looking. All of this makes cold water therapy one of the top factors of longevity. (artice here)

So how do you guys find her anti aging tips? Are you also doing this one? Then share your experiences~!



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