January 21, 2013

Me getting started!

Hi~Hello everyone!
I just started a new blog again. I made a new one because i think the last one was a total mess. I just keep on posting new topics( which was all non sense). I am really busy (and until now..T.T) at that time so i just posted anything there without even researching i mean i did a LITTLE research and im not even sure if those informations are reliable >.< keke~ so here i am again! trying my luck :DD I hope this time it will turn out really good..

Im gonna start introducing myself! ^_^
Maybe you are wondering right now, why this post came up in your news feed? Huwell, like what ive said. I made a new one! I just did change the url of my blog though~ just the url. So those people who are following me through blogger before and even now can see my posts :) I hope you are not going to unfollow me after this T.T
Let's start with my name :) Actually, I dont want to post my real name here but I dont mind if people will know my name in the future but one thing is for sure~! I will not tell my name:ppp bleh! hehe~  my private account is really exclusive and only my friends,classmates and relatives know me and have access to these accounts. Anyway, I hope it's not that a big deal to you. I just want to keep my private stuff private and no-no! im not a criminal either kyaaah~ haha. What i want to be called is "orenjji" so i want to be called "orenjji" from now on and that will be my screen name ;) So why orenjji? because I like orange and in Japanese it is called "orenjji". I aint Japanese, I just like Japanese :))) so again orenjji as in orangey.

So let's move on to the next~
So what this blog will be all about?
Just like my old blog before, I will still be going for a beauty blog not purely a beauty blog, it will be mix of  my interests like books,gadgets,fashion,ulzzang,  shopping stuff and anything that picks my interest :) I hope that we have the same interest. By the way, it may not be the same of what im doing as a beauty blogger before like reviewing products because my camera is so damn broken T.T it cant even take good pictures and photoshop can't fix it either. Im only going to use my stupid iPhone's camera which isnt good in taking pictures too T.T. Im going to save up money this time!!

What will be my style of blogging?
I dont have styles in blogging. Anyway, if im going to do that i will still forget it as time passes by~
 I dont have any informations to drop by now, I ran out this time. I guess I hope you will support me with  hugs and kisses :))))) i hope you can support it by reading and i will read yours too. Thank you very much :))))))))

Free purple apples everywhere weeeeeee- (:

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