April 14, 2013

Homemade Beauty Recipes #2: Baking Soda for your teeth

How do you laugh when people are around you?

 Do you open your mouth so wide that people go wild?

........... if the reason is... you got yellow teeth? and not because they were amazed (Dang!)

People try to cover their mouth when they are laughing. I know, having 'yellow' teeth can be really embarassing. Not to say that they can turned off SOMEONE else. I also have yellow teeth blame it on the mouthwash because i keep on using them instead of that toothbrush:P

There are oral procedures out there available which cost really expensive not unless you're from Hongkong ( I heard they have this treatment thing that really can whiten teeth plus it's CHEAAAAP!!) but then it's still money! It''s just hard to give that money right away. So, here I am sharing you another homemade beauty recipe and me myself and I is also using this :DD

Baking Soda  for Bleaching Teeth


Step 1:
Wet your toothbrush,immerse it into the baking soda making sure that they are fully covered with baking soda and pour the toothpaste

Step 2: Brush your teeth with it. Avoid the gums and tongue as much as possible

Step 3: Wash your mouth with water. Removing all the the baking soda inside your mouth.


Use it 2-3 a week because doing it everyday can damage your enamel.
- Do not use mouthwash it will just cancel out the the process.
- Some may feel sting during or after brushing( with baking soda) therefore should stop and continue for 1-3 days.
- As much as possible, do not let the baking soda contact your gums.

Ive been using it for almost 2 weeks and yeah they really whiten my teeth!! but i still have this yellow thing on the lower part of my teeth. Anyway, atleast it still whiten the front part :D please follow the cautions above i dont want any troubles when you do this okidoki?

Meanwhile.... here's for youuuuuuuu


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  1. It is nice to consider homemade beauty recipe especially for your teeth.


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