March 16, 2013

What Are They Wearing: CL for W Korea

Hello there!

As you can notice, I already have like 4-5 of these series and dont worry i'll have more in the future as long as im familiar with the brand or the one who is wearing this, that and those aaaaand of course~! you can request but i wont assure you that I know the dress in a blink of an eye. Though they wear a lots of designer's brands it's hard to look up for them( they are sooo many!!). if they are Blake Lively, Kirsten Stewart, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Emma Stone or anything Kpop  ( wassup 2ne1~!) im sure i can look for that. So so so.... I guess it's getting long and before I end this, All 'what-are-they-wearing' topics are INCREDIBLY short  teheeee~

So lo and behoooooold.

click to enlarge

They are all from Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013 collection, my favorite and the super-duper-mega high end brand. I didnt put the prices because it's literally jaw dropping HAHAHA. But truth is, they didnt put it in their site so I dont know.



  1. "Cool post!
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  2. @Wendy Ayche: Thank you so much~! mwah~ mwah~ feel free to comment what do u like and what you dont about my post :) thank u and godbless ^,^


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