March 22, 2013

Homemade Beauty Recipes: #1 Lemon & Milk

Hi Folks!

This is my first homemade beauty recipe post and in this part I will be introducing you 'beauty recipes' that can be found inside your kitchen and wont cost you much. I hope you will like this as much as I am.


Ever since I was a child, I've been suffering from uneven color of  my feet. It's all because of the weather here which is always sunny and as a student we're supposed to wear knee skirt and ankle high socks when going to school that leaves my skin between the ankle and knee dark.

As I grew older, I started wearing shorts and be 'kikay much'  and eventually changed it to leggings/thighs/denim pants so to avoid sun damage. But there are times that you MUST wear shorts and  do my  rituals ( apply moist lotion, powder and etc) and that annoy the hell out of me.

Then a light bulb goes off and something brilliant cme up! I went to the nearest beauty store and bought a bleaching cream but later found out that I screwed up and make things bad worse. Yes! It turned up more uneven ( Thanks to my brilliant idea *insert sarcasm*).

I swear I really regret buying bleaching stuff and promise not to buy again unless I know how to bleach them PROPERLY but since i'm a hard headed girl I still opt for bleaching BUT-BUT-BUT
something milder ^__^ teheee~ So what's this mild bleaching stuff??

Lemon & Milk for Bleaching



Lemon  or Kalamansi (Calamondin)

How to make a bleaching cream with milk & lemon?

Step 1: Squeeze 1 lemon or 4 kalamansi (remove the seeds)
Step 2: Prepare 5-6 spoonful of powdered milk to the lemon/kalamansi
Step 3: Pour small amount of water enough to make a paste and stir.
Step 4: (Optional) Put the ingredients in the fridge until cold or use a lukewarm water if you dont like it cold.
Step 5: Apply the milk and lemon to the body parts you want to whiten by using sponge/brush or even your hands and massage.


Lemon- lemon is acidic and by that considered as the best way to
               naturally bleach the skin by eliminating the melanin that
               causes skin to dark.
            - contains citric acid that exfoliates skin.

Milk- milk contains lactic acid that reduces skin pigmentation.

        - soften skin
        -contains proten and enzymes to moisturize skin; Lemon can 
           make your skin dry so milk is the best partner for this

Pieces of advice:

Lemon can really sting your face if you have an existing pimple you might feel a little bit tickling and itchy sensation and this is a no-no for sensitive skin ok~?  . Also, you SHOULD use sunscreen afterwards remember you just had your skin bleached and skin is a little bit sensitive.



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